Saturday, November 11, 2006

2006 Voyage North Statistics

Here is some data from the 2006 Voyage North (our trip to New England and back). We left Vero Beach, FL on July 2, 2006 and returned on November 6, 2006.

- we also spent about $800 on groceries just before we left Vero Beach
- several of the dock nights were free (see the BLOG for specifics)
- some moorings were free: they are also indicated in the BLOG, and we enjoyed the wonderful hospitality of Merry & Willis Clifford during our month long mooring stay at The Eddy Marina
-we paid for 1 night's stay at a motel when we went to Acadia National Park (approximately $100)

We feel that the two biggest factors which had the most impact on keeping costs significantly lower were minimizing the nights that we stayed at marina docks and not eating out in restaurants (only one time did we eat out at what would be considered a higher end restaurant with a group of friends, and the bill for the three of us was about $90).

Obviously the price of diesel fuel was a big burden. When we left for the Bahamas in May we paid about $2.50/gal and didn't take on any more fuel until we were in NC, where we paid $2.66/gal., which we thought was a fair price at the time as we were seeing it even higher at other places. We paid $2.79 in Maine. When we last fueled up on the southbound trip, in Oriental, NC, we paid $2.23/gal, but prices were even lower at some other places; cruising friends got it for $1.99/gal, so it does pay to network and shop around, especially when you might be taking on 600 or 700 gallons (FLUKE holds just over 1000 gallons!).

Feel free to ask any questions you might have.

Since we have so much to do with the house and FLUKE, we haven't made any more cruising plans at this time. However, we all feel that we will be anxious to drop the dock lines as soon as we meet our present commitments. After all, time is flying, and we don't want to miss a favorable tide to another adventure.

Apparently Blogger doesn't handle tables very well so you will have to scroll down to see the data (2 tables).

Trip Statistics

Number of Days


Nights at Anchor


Nights on Mooring


Nights at Dock


Nights at Sea


Engine Hours


Diesel Fuel Burned

1567 gals

Statute Miles

Nautical Miles


Money Spent

1356 gal diesel fuel




Eating out


Docks and Moorings



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