Wednesday, September 30, 2009

FLUKE 2009 Northbound Map

I have put a placemark at each place we stopped on our way from Vero Beach, FL to Oswego, NY, a distance of 1544 miles.

Click on the link below the map for larger view where it is easier to pan and zoom. You can also click on any of the placemarks for more details.

View FLUKE Northbound 2009 in a larger map


  1. handymanalex8:30 AM

    Nice map. I was confused by the marker at Chesapeake, VA until I zoomed in and saw the canal. How do you find these passages?

  2. Wow!

    Really puts things in perspective - you guys have actually covered a lot of ground, er... water!

    It's cool that you can put comments on the placemarks.

    Nice job.