Wednesday, November 09, 2011

2011 By the Numbers

May 10 to October 31

Here are some numbers for our travels on FLUKE in 2011. This was by far our longest trip yet. We bought fuel 3 times totaling 1121 gallons at an average cost of $3.51 and burned over 1600 gal.

The fuel usage numbers include the hours running the generator, primarily to recharge the batteries, but sometimes for cooking or laundry. This was significantly less than in the past due to the solar panels. We could definitely see the effectivity of the solar panels drop as the days got shorter and the sun got lower in the sky. The MPG numbers would be higher without the generator.

The days at dock includes all the free docks and the lock walls where we tied up. We paid to stay at a marina dock for 4 nights total while we had the engine worked on and one night when the Champlain Canal closed due to high water. We also paid for 2 nights on a mooring in St Augustine ($42 total).

2011 Trip North Statistics

Dates May 10 to Oct 31
Days 175 (61 anchor, 105 dock, 4 mooring, 4 at sea)
Engine Hours 599.1
Gallons Fuel 1608.2
Nautical Miles 3756 (4322 Statute Miles)
Nautical MPG 2.34 (2.69 MPG)
Generator Hours 144.4 (about 50 min/day)

Let us know if there are any other numbers you would like to see. (You can Post a Comment to do so.)


  1. Anonymous11:25 AM

    I'd like to see the number of photographs taken. Thanks!

  2. Carol took 2276.
    Eddie also took quite a few.

  3. Did you get a bread count? :) And how happy was Visitor to get back on terra firma?

    I miss looking forward to your blog. Thank you again for sharing - it was a beautiful trip!

  4. Wonderful account. I'm almost ready to go. Carol, visit our friends Phil and Vi on their blog. They already went! They are wintering on Marathon Key. Come back through Carolina soon!