Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Bahamas 2012 on Tripline

September 2012

I recently discovered Tripline while reading another Kadey Krogen owner's blog (Muddy Waters).

I have made maps before using google but this looked much better and was very easy. I used it to create the following Map Player and Place List.

If you click on the play button near the top right on the following map, it will play. Enjoy the music! You can also click on "FULL SCREEN".
(Place List is below the map player)

The next section is a scrollable list of the same stuff as in the map player, but you can scroll at your own pace (and no music). Click on pics to expand into slide show.


  1. Anonymous8:36 PM


    Kinda puts things in perspective - WOW, what a voyage!

    Nice recap, great music, I think I could feel the salt spray :-)...



  2. Hi Wayne

    Got your comment on our blog thanks. Yes we are very excited, just cannot wait to get out again and explore our new boat. We plan to come over in November for a week, to get familiar with the boat and plan the work we want to get done on it. We would love to meet you guys up at some point, you have a wealth of knowledge and experience with this type of boat which I hope we can "tap" into!!? I have read your blog in detail and it has been an excellent point of reference, please keep up the good work. We plan to start in earnest in May 2014, by that time we will have packed up and left Vietnam, ready to start living aboard. In the meantime we will try and get over as much as possible for shorter trips/holidays.

    Lets keep in touch.

    all the best
    Campbell & Bridge