Wednesday, November 04, 2009

2009 By The Numbers

Here are some numbers for our travels on FLUKE in 2009. I think that I have figured out a way to make the tables look better in blogger.

The fuel usage numbers include a lot of hours running the generator when we are at anchor to recharge the batteries. This means the MPG numbers are lower than they would be otherwise.

The days at dock on the trip north includes all the free docks and the lock walls where we tied up. We paid to stay at a marina dock for 2 nights total.

Bahamas Statistics

Dates May 07 to Jul 15
Days 70 (all at anchor)
Engine Hours 192.25
Gallons Fuel 566
Nautical Miles 1161 (1335 Statute Miles)
Nautical MPG 2.05 (2.36 MPG)

Trip North Statistics

Dates Aug 02 to Nov 02
Days 93 (35 anchor, 54 dock, 3 at sea)
Engine Hours 458.5
Gallons Fuel 1290
Nautical Miles 2934 (3374 Statute Miles)
Nautical MPG 2.27 (2.62 MPG)

Totals for 2009

Days 163
Engine Hours 650.75
Gallons Fuel 1856
Nautical Miles 4095 (4709 Statute Miles)
Nautical MPG 2.21 (2.54 MPG)

Let us know if there are any other numbers you would like to see. (You can Post a Comment to do so.)


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