Saturday, November 07, 2009

FLUKE 2009 Southbound Map

Here is the map showing all the places we anchored or tied up on the way back from Oswego, NY to Vero Beach, FL. September 18 to November 02, 2009. You can click on any of the placemarks to see when we were there and other notes. There are also lines that show the approximate course when we went offshore. You can also click on these, but will have to zoom in to see them.

It is interesting to note that on the way north we made it from Vero Beach to Sandy Hook, NJ in 10 days due to excellent weather that allowed a lot of offshore travel, including 3 nights at sea. On the way south the weather was much less cooperative. We were not able to do any long offshore legs and the result was that it took us 23 days to get from Sandy Hook to Vero Beach. This was with no stops for sightseeing. One other factor is that on the way south there are fewer hours of daylight so we cannot cover as many miles each day.

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  1. Ken Sebby12:06 PM

    Do you have any way of estimating at what speeds you netted these results? I am interested in what you believe your range is ? THANKS.

  2. Ken, We usually travel at about 7-7.5 kts. Fuel capacity is about 1000 gal. I think I have see the following range numbers:
    8 kts - 1000 mi
    7 kts - 2000 mi
    6 kts - 3000 mi
    but would not count on them. Email me at fluke (at sign) wb4us (dot) com if you have more questions.