Monday, August 23, 2010

FLUKE 2010 Bahamas Map and Statistics

I collected some data from my log book and created a table with some numbers for our Bahamas trip on FLUKE in 2010.

(The map showing where we went is below.)

One big change from previous trips was the amount of generator running time due to the effectiveness of the solar panels. We ran the generator for 61 hours over 55 days. We used to average over three hours per day which would have been at least 165 hours. This saved well over 100 gallons of diesel fuel.

Bahamas Statistics

Dates Jun 04 to Jul 28
Days 55 (all at anchor)
Engine Hours 102.7
Gallons Fuel 300.6
Nautical Miles 604 (694 Statute Miles)
Nautical MPG 2.01 (2.31 MPG)

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Bahamas Map 2010

Here is the map showing all the places we anchored on the 2010 Bahamas (Abacos) adventure.

You can click on any of the placemarks to see when we were there and other notes. Also, if you click on the link below the map you will get it in a normal google map window where you can easily zoom and pan, etc. This will let you see some of the amazing water colors that show up even from the satellites. (I added the red line to show the order we went, but we didn't really drive over land!)

View FLUKE Bahamas Voyage 2010 in a larger map


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